Celebrate You, this New Year, with better health and a free photo :)

You run hard, you serve, you give and give to others.  Maybe sometimes you crash.  Such was my story.  I struggled for many years with chronic fatigue as a teenager… sometimes it comes back to haunt me.  I have had to walk a tightrope with my health, balancing everything just right so that I could stay upright and keep going.  Eating right, resting right, exercising right, and taking a truckload of supplements.  I have tried everything out there to support my somewhat sensitive and fragile constitution.  This past year I have been taking Isagenix, after hearing my  friend and health coach Chanci raving about it.  It has been a big turning point in my health, I am feeling stronger, I am able to think more clearly, and I am more energetic than I have in a long time.  I am recovering from exercise much more quickly (that is a huge thing for me – I used to overtrain doing what other people would consider a warm up).  I am sleeping better, laughing and dancing and frolicking more with my children… I’ll tell you, a little energy goes a long way when you have four kids!

I got the idea to couple the 30 day cleanse with a free photoshoot, because the truth is, it is easier to get in front of the camera when you feel great, and you will feel great after the 30 day cleanse!  I have had so many women tell me that they want to get photographs done, but that they want to loose weight first.  I always feel sad about this, because I always think they look so beautiful the way they are, and I know how much those pictures will mean to them and their family, both now and through the years.  BUT the truth is, I know exactly how they feel.  I have also struggled with my weight ALL (and I mean ALL) my life.   This year I did a cleanse before our family pictures, and it was great to feel at my best, to have clear skin, clear eyes, and be at a healthy weight for me.  (Photo by Amanda O’Brennan Photography)

So here is the sweet deal:

 – Sign up with me for a 30 day Isagenix Cleanse.  Isagenix offers great rebates when you get friends to sign up with you, PLUS all friends who sign up with you will also get a FREE SHOOT:)

 – Spend 30 days treating your body to the care it deserves.

 – Afterwards receive a 15 minute photoshoot capturing your new glowing self (can be exchanged for a $50 discount on family pictures, if you wish to be photographed with your loved ones).

The free shoots will be done on a fixed date (around mid-end of February) and location, determined by me – you can choose your time slot on the schedule on a first come, first served basis.


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