Moved from Canada, now serving back home in Scotland U.K.

Farm maternity shoot.

Amanda and Bill’s wedding will always stick out in my mind as the red neck wedding where all the groomsmen andView full post »

Jessi and Paul Kingfisher Wedding

First wedding of my year, and was a great start for me to share the day with this wonderful couple.  Sweet, relaxed andView full post »

The Brown Family

Homeschool mom friends, can’t live without them.  Tanya has been my shoulder to cry on, friend to bounce ideasView full post »

Kye Bay Engagement

These two are both from Russia, but they met in Canada, and the rest is history.  It was beautiful to hear their storyView full post »

Gillian Dillon and Bump

4 years ago, I was the photographer at Gillian and Dillon’s wedding.  It is always exciting for me to be able toView full post »

Kaylene in the storm.

When I looked out the window and at the weather forecast, I was sure that Kaylene would want to cancel, but not a bitView full post »

Hanna, Dave and their boys :)

3 boys completed this family, and I had the honour of capturing the completeness.  I loved how each boy is so uniqueView full post »

Thanksgiving reunion

The morning was super wet, but we had to go for it, because this was the only time the family were together… forView full post »

John, Andrea and their beautiful family and farm.

It was such a pleasure to be on this farm, and to shoot this family in the setting of the fruit of their ownView full post »

Gift a Spring Session

Give a gift this Christmas, that will create a lifetime of heirloom memories for a family you love.  SpringView full post »

Aigul, Doug, Daniel and Chuck

Chuck the dog, is as big a part of this family as anyone else, and he sure made the photoshoot fun.   He may be theView full post »

The Petersons

It’s a yearly fall event, the Peterson’s, Me and my camera.  It seems like each year there is a new blueView full post »

Shelly and Ricardo

My last wedding of the season, and the light showed up to surround this beaming couple with a glorious glow.  We tookView full post »

Frank and Linda, Filberg Garden Wedding

I arrived at Filberg to find Frank chatting, and laughing with his guests, making sure that everyone was taken care of.View full post »

Brent and Sarah, Quadra Island, Rebecca Spit Wedding.

Sarah and Brent met while working on the same yacht.   Brent was the 1st officer and Sarah was the stewardess/View full post »

Kyle and Sarah, get hitched, and head to Starbucks :)

While I was editing Kyle and Sarah’s wedding, the thing that struck me most, was how much they laugh.  So manyView full post »

Tristan and Heather, Vintage Style Wedding.

One of my favourite moments of this wedding season, was watching Tristan and Heather, wash each other’s feet asView full post »

Jon and Maranda’s Kin Beach Wedding.

What a fun day I had with these guys!  Starting with the close knit group of gals gathered together to help prepare theView full post »

Jessica, Tyler and Max, waiting for #2. Kye Bay Maternity Photo Shoot.

Beautiful Mama, Beautiful Family, Beautiful Sunset = Happy Photographer.  Wishing this family all the best as theView full post »

Stephanie and Alan’s, Fish and Game Club Wedding.

I couldn’t help tearing up, as friends and family shared the beauty and strength of Allan and Stephanie’sView full post »

Tim and Johnna, beautiful Comox United Church/ Filberg Park/ Comox Rec Centre Wedding

I have been so blessed this summer, with amazing couples to shoot, beautiful locations AND fabulous weather.  TheView full post »

Nikita and Tyler Hornby Island Wedding

Twas my first time on Hornby, and I was absolutely blown away by the incredible beauty of the island.  It was aView full post »

Sarah and Jayson’s Mount Washington Wedding.

My first wedding of the season, with a Filipino/ French Canadian flare. Beautiful cultural touches, that had meaningView full post »


Clayborn is an Indie style Christian duo from The Comox valley on Vancouver Island. They strive to honestly andView full post »

Meredith in the rain… and her new house :)

Remember that crazy, stormy day when the power went out.  That was the day Meredith and her family, were supposed to beView full post »

Matt and Lindsay, Strathcona Park Lodge Wedding

It was my last wedding of the season, my last hurrah, and it was a truly wonderful celebration.  It was the first timeView full post »

Trevor and Paulina, Fish and Game Wedding

I had so many warm fuzzies as I edited this wedding.  There were so many precious, beautiful moments in this wedding.View full post »

Shawn and Taylor tie the knot at Two Eagles Lodge

I probably gasped when I saw Taylor when I saw her for the first time in her incredible dress.  It was so beautiful soView full post »

Fred and Nina, Cortez Island Wedding.

Notice how much laughter is in these photos…  these are very fun people.  Their wedding was set on the beautifulView full post »

Josh and Maddie Heritage Home Wedding.

The setting was Cape Escape, a  beautiful 1930’s heritage home,.  The tiara was a family heirloom worn at theView full post »

Ryan and Nicole, Wedding at Airforce Beach

Ryan and Nicole, had a simple sweet ceremony at Air Force Beach, with just their intimate family… and all the sunView full post »

Andrew and Jen, McIvor Lake Wedding

Not every bride makes her grand entrance by boat, but nothing seemed more natural to this family, as their familyView full post »

Emily and Tristan Engaged

It was such a pleasure meeting this couple, who are going to be getting married on the East Coast next summer.  EmilyView full post »

Mark and Kimberly’s Homestead Wedding.

Many people commented in their speeches how Mark is a very adventurous guy, and this was one reason that he wasView full post »

Erin and Joel Forth

Erin and Joel, did this special photoshoot with me on their 15th Anniversary.  They sent the kids off with grandparentsView full post »

Amy and James’, First Look, Filberg, Garden Wedding.

I have to say, I love it when people cry at weddings.  You can fake smiles but you can’t fake tears.  It seemsView full post »

Bill and Amanda, Black Creek Wedding

Amanda, is one of the sweetest people I have met, and as a bride it all oozed out.   I heard her telling so many peopleView full post »

Moss and Taylor’s, Quadra Island Wedding.

I really love it when a couple’s personality and passions shine through on their wedding day.  Moss and TaylorView full post »


A few days old, incredibly beautiful, the whole world before her.  I felt so honoured to captured the newness ShareView full post »

The McAlonan Dynasty Converges

Frances McAlonan, had a very special birthday last weekend, and her four children came home to celebrate, some of themView full post »

The O’Brennan’s are Expanding their Nest!

Amanda is a wonderful family photographer, and one of the most nerve racking thing for a photographer, is photographingView full post »

Spencer and Kristen Cambell River Museum, Maratime Heritage Centre Wedding

It was a 90% chance of rain on the weather forecast, but I pretty quickly realized that not even an epic flood wouldView full post »

Celebrate You, this New Year, with better health and a free photo :)

You run hard, you serve, you give and give to others.  Maybe sometimes you crash.  Such was my story.  I struggled forView full post »

Snyders venturing out into a new ministry.

Richard Snyder is the youth pastor in our church, and for the last almost 10 years has also been working with YouthView full post »

Marina Park Fall Family Fun

We weren’t sure if this shoot was going  to happen due to the insane weather that we’ve been having.  ButView full post »

Trevor at the pumpkin patch.

Trevor is at that wonderful age of wonder and exploration, so photographing him at the pumkin patch was so perfect.  OfView full post »

Bill, Amanda and Ava are getting married :)!!

By the end of our engagement session, I was asking Bill if I could borrow his daughter as a photographers assistant,View full post »

Four Fabulous Friesens!

It was so wonderful to have David’s 3 sisters and their wonderful families, in the valley for thanksgiving.  WeView full post »

The Peterson’s Mount Washington Family Shoot.

Meredith is not only my very dear friend, but she is also the most amazing photography assistant ever.  She intuitivelyView full post »

Christine… before she chopped off all her hair.

Christine has been growing her beautiful hair for years and years.  This week she generously had it chopped off forView full post »

Seib fall family shoot.

I met with the Seib family at Filberg park, for a quick half hour shot.  We managed to pack a lot of fun and photosView full post »

Klassen Family

The Klassens wanted to celebrate and capture some together memories while everyone was at home together.  When kidsView full post »

Chris and Sarah’s Mountain Top Wedding.

It was my last wedding of the season, and it sure felt like I ended on a high note… literally  – on the topView full post »

James and Amy, Save-the-Date, Engagement shoot

I love the personal touches people add to their weddings and engagements.  Save the date pictures are a fun way to letView full post »

Spencer and Kristen’s country style shoot.

They met while working at a fish farm, not the most romantic place you might think.  However their eyes lit up whenView full post »

Alli and Rick’s Whimsical Wedding :)

Ally is the type person, that makes pintrest possible, skilfully crafty and extremely tasteful.  Her weddingView full post »

Crystal and Shaun tie the knot at Shelter Point Distilliry

We started our shooting at the fabulous and fresh Hairpins Salon on 4th st.  With it’s vintage elements thisView full post »

Clarity, brought to you by Bonnie.

In the past year I have had the pleasure of being personally trained in the gym by Bonnie Kirk,  I really appreciatedView full post »

Jason and Deanne, Saratoga Beach Wedding.

It was the hottest day of the year, and their wedding was simmering!  Deanne and Jason are a fun couple with a greatView full post »

Goodbye Melody

Melody has been a very special part of our lives and our church for quite a lot of years now.  We have always dreadedView full post »

Kathleen and Doug, Kitty Coleman, Woodland garden Wedding.

Kathleen and Doug were married in the beautiful woodland gardens, an incredibly beautiful setting for this intimateView full post »

Vanessa and Brad, about to be Bride and Groom. Old Church Theatre, Train Track and Urban Comox Valley Photo shoot.

I love these images, mostly because of the expressions of sweet love on this couples face.  Their ease in front of theView full post »

Stephanie and Ryan, high school sweethearts tie the knot @ Arbutus Ridge Golf Course

They’ve been together since high school, and stayed together through further education and establishing careers,View full post »

Catherine Patterson-Sterling author getting ready for print :)

Catherine is a clinical counselor and Christian author.  She is about to be releasing two books and contacted me to getView full post »

Moss and Taylor, engagement photo session at Filberg Comox.

I am always impressed when someone books me a year ahead or more for their wedding.  There are a lot of super organizedView full post »

Sister brides! Cumberland trash the dress session.

No, it’s not what you think, no polygamy involved  Gillian and Jennifer are sisters and happily married toView full post »

Sarah and Chris engagement session.

Chris, Sarah and I met for their engagement shoot at the time and place where Chris proposed, only a year later.  It isView full post »

Taelen, the firstborn of my first official wedding :)

I still remember how nervous I was before shooting Benj and Lindsay’s wedding, my first wedding as the officialView full post »

Lincoln Elias Postal… my nephew :)

I was super devastated that I had a virus when Lincoln was born.  It is best to do newborn photos in the first few daysView full post »

Tom and Karen: First Look Wedding @ Seal Bay Park

It had been a long wintery blast leading up to this wedding; I was getting kind of scared that it would snow down onView full post »

Hannah’s second Birthday Photo shoot! :)

Lenna and Kelly are newbies in our church and we are really enjoying having them, not least because they come with theView full post »

A sad farewell to the childbearing years and a big thank-you to my body!

When I was a newbie mom, I remember hearing many women saying after they had 2 or 3 kids that they wereView full post »

Ally + Rick = super fun engagement shoot!!!

Engagement shoots are awesome because it captures that exhilarating phase of a relationship where you are lost inView full post »

Andrea and Jabin waiting for #2 – Sunrise Maternity Shoot, Cumberland Maternity Shoot

Me and Andrea met at Goose spit at 7:30 am to capture her beautiful belly by the light of the rising sun.  I wasView full post »

How I met my true love ;)

Today is the 12 year anniversary of the day I got engaged to this wonderful man, David Mitchell, my wonderful husband.View full post »

Justin and Amanda Black Creek farm photoshoot.

This  photoshoot happened last year, but I was keeping it under wraps because it was a Christmas pressie.  Amanda andView full post »

Alissa and Taylor Christmas Eve Wedding @ Crown Isle

I knew I was going to love shooting this wedding as soon as I saw Alissa’s royal blue studded high heels!  YouView full post »

Stephanie and Ryan Cumberland engagement shoot.

I shot this session a while back in November.  It was a perfect calm and mild day, and I had so much fun getting toView full post »

Jaimie and Patrick waiting for their firstborn – Filberg Park Photoshoot.

I am so happy for the baby in this belly.  Although this was the first time I met Jamie and Patrick, I just know theyView full post »

The Hampsters :)

  Share this: Share this:FacebookTwitterView full post »

Joanna and her best-ies, Courtney Air Park and Coffee Shop Photoshoot

Joanna asked if she could do a ‘best friends shoot,’ and I was so excited to have these fun girls in frontView full post »

Dustin and Jenna, Vancouver Island Wedding.

So blessed to be part of this wonderful day, so touched to see this solid young couple have their very first kiss atView full post »

The Petersons, Fall Family Fotoshoot.

Meredith is my fellow photographer, homeschooling mother of four!  That makes her a very valuable asset to me.  WhoView full post »


Every once in a while someone comes into your life who you feel like you can just be yourself.  Those people areView full post »

Lauren and Nathan Equinox Wedding on Vancouver Island

Lauren and Nathan chose equinox to get married, because the length of day and night are equal on this day, and theyView full post »

What inspires you to take photos?

This was one of the questions I asked the people doing my course to answer as part of their first assignment.View full post »

Scottish wedding @ Camp Homewood, Quadra Island.

First and most importantly I must publicly apologize to Dillon for calling him “Matt” all day.  I justView full post »

Jacob James Russel Saigeon – Mr cuteness!

I think this little guy is a very blessed little fella, not only does he have 2 nurses for parents but one of them is aView full post »

Summer Sunday @ Selah, Matt and Caitlin say I do, Wedding in the Vancouver Island rainforest.

“Selah” is the Hebrew word for “pause” or “rest.”   Our church has used this campView full post »

Summer family reunion, Orchard Family Photoshoot

Summer is such a great time for getting together, enjoying our family in the beautiful outdoors.  I have photographedView full post »

Dustin and Jenna hanging out of the ol’ barn :)

A couple of weeks ago I shot Dustin’s cousin’s wedding, on Sunday I am shooting Jenna’sView full post »

Dawn and Shaun’s dairy farm wedding.

You know your at a country wedding when; there are more trucks than cars in the parking, the Cadillac has a big pair ofView full post »

Heidi and Peter, Black Creek Wedding.

I seriously get to work with the best people.  I have loved being able to share the special day of very cool, fun,View full post »

Cadence Joy, Beautiful Baby Girl Photoshoot

zI was so excited when my photographer friend Annette Thompson asked if I wanted to use her amazing studio – ArtView full post »

All the family together.

I asked my friend Karen, to write a bit about her friend Pat and her wonderful family for this blog post.   PatView full post »

Caramie and Jackson, Campbell River wedding.

After obsessively checking the Saturday Campbell River weather and seeing nasty storm clouds with lightning coming outView full post »

Michelle and Josh, April Point Wedding.

There was a  drizzle of rain during the ceremony, but probably the majority of moisture at this wedding came from allView full post »

Deana Marie Strandberg, waving school goodbye.

Before a photoshoot, I always ask people to answer some questions about themselves and what they want.  One of theView full post »

Celtic spirituality and photography

I chose a Celtic knotwork logo for my photography business, because I was born and bred in the  Hebridies of Scotland,View full post »

Michelle and Joel waiting for their first blessing!

Even though I recently had my forth baby, and I love him ferociously… there is something very special about theView full post »

Vintage themed wedding.

Everything about this wedding was cool, from the fact that they met on an expedition to Antartica and had penguins onView full post »

Q and A with the awesome Danita Morin

Danita is part of our church and one of the wonderful girls we call when we need a baby sitter.  It is challengingView full post »

Matt + Caitlin in their own words.

Matt and I met through Youth For Christ in the Comox Valley about 5 years ago.  We were aware of each other’s existenceView full post »

A little cuteness therapy!

Keir and her mom Patricia came over for lunch after church today, and I just couldn’t help myself!   I just hadView full post »

Caitlin Chalk, Crown Isle Photoshoot.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to see one of your kids graduating from School, but I imagine there are aView full post »

The Mackinnons – newborn session.

I always go to a shoot with a few ideas in my mind of what I want to do,  I need this because it usually takes a fewView full post »

Michelle and Josh, champagne engagement session!

One minute we’re meeting for the first time, making small talk, the next we’re chopping the top of aView full post »

Holy moments, in a frantic life.

A couple of days ago I walked into Extra Foods and had a flashback!  The pink and blue potted hydrangeas brought meView full post »

Tiffiny’s maternity session… finally!

Tiffiny’s baby is pictured here in utero, but in reality he is two weeks old.  Born on Good Friday, weighing 7lbView full post »

Aaron and Sarah

Aaron and Sarah have been a part of our church for less than a year, but in that time we have walked with them throughView full post »


Levi is always finding new ways to bring me joy!  Lately he has started doing the most hilarious facial expression,View full post »

Baby Graden

Graden is special to me.  Not only was he belly buddies with Levi, but as his pregnancy was considered high risk IView full post »

Out of the box days.

Today I spent a long time cleaning poo of; a couch, the floor and my toddler. .. I guess he’s not quite ready forView full post »

Gillian and Dillon Engagement Session.

The first blog post in my whole life ever… that’s a lot of pressure to say something profound!   Ok IView full post »

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Karen Bezaire - August 26, 2015 - 10:09 pm

I love that photo of my little man.

Carolyn West-Price Touhey - October 7, 2015 - 4:16 pm

Please check your email from your website. I’d like to include you on the Wedding pages for Two Eagles Lodge, where you shot a wedding in Sept 2013. Thanks!